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8 Reps is Death

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8 Reps is Death

July 22, 2016      In Uncategorized No Comments

Sets of 8 with 215lbs

I’m halfway through my second week of my new training plan and I’m learning a few things about myself and my training:

1. My least favorite number is 8. It has no business being in front of the word “deadlift”.

2. When I’m being pushed harder in my own workouts, I subconsciously push my clients the same way. Sorry? Or you’re welcome? Or I guess a little of both.

3. I can squat again! I wish it wouldn’t have taken me so long to figure out why my squat suddenly started feeling worse but at least I’ve finally got a grasp on it. Apparently my body likes squatting twice a week, not just once.

4. I like really really hate the number 8. 

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