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I Want It All: Faster, Stronger, Healthier

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I Want It All: Faster, Stronger, Healthier

July 8, 2016      In Uncategorized No Comments

225 for 2 singles

Today started a new focus with my training and thus an appropriate time to start logging it all.

After taking a month hiatus from powerlifting to train for a military-inspired production, I realized that running and cardio brought my blood pressure back down to safe, normal levels and actually loosened my hips and lower back up. While hanging out for 7 hours in LAX on my way home from the production, I decided to read Alex Viada’s the Hybrid Athlete.

I loved, understood and believed his methodology so much that this week I decided to fully dive in and snag some customs programming from his team of athletes and trainers through Complete Human Performance.

And so here I am today.Squatting ridiculous test reps on legs already fatigued from front squats and deadlifts yesterday. Today’s goal was to test my lower body work capacity.

135 for a single every 10 seconds til death

All I know so far… is that I’m going to be an annoying client. I’d hate to be my trainer.

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